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February 8th 2021

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'From Dust To Dust' album available now!

September 20st 2018

Offical album teaser for 'From Dust To Dust' online.

September 8th 2018

Grave Decay - From Dust To Dust
Grave Decay - From Dust To Dust (OFFICIAL ALBUM TEASER)

Lyrics for 'From Dust To Dust'.

August 25th 2018

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Offical Lyric video for the song 'State Of Decay'.

August 12th 2018

Grave Decay - State Of Decay
Grave Decay - State Of Decay (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

New album 'From Dust To Dust' to be released october 2018.

August 10th 2018

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Vocals/Guitars: Roger Koedoot
Lead Guitars: Maurice 'Mauce' C.G. Lefeu
Bass/Drums/Orchestral arrangements: Roger/Mauce

Recorded at the Moronic Hedger Studios between Jan - Aug 2018
Mixed and mastered by Ruben van der Kooij
Coverart by Mauce (background taken from public domain)

See the releases page for tracklisting and lyrics.